The fun is created only through innocence and innocence is the only way you can really emit also the fun.  Imagine this world without any fun, what would happen? 1982 – August 22, Geneva, Switzerland


  Attention has to be concentrated upon your Spirit.  Then you become the best instrument, your attention very powerful. 1988 – May 21, Barcelona, Spain

Witness State

Witness state is not a mental state, it is a state of a spiritual ascent where you become a witness.  Best way to practice witness state is not to criticize anyone. 1998 – August 16, Cabella, Italy


  Speaking in the sweet manner is very important.  Some people think it is smart to speak in a rude manner or is very intelligent to shout on people, but no one likes this kind of a personality.  You may be intelligent, you may be very sharp or smart, maybe …

Remembering Good Things

Forget all the bad things, because no use remembering bad things, no use thinking of them.  Because of forgiveness you can always forget the bad things and if you remember the good things your joy becomes multiplied.  If you try to remember something bad then your joy goes down.  Every …

Attention On The Spirit

Now when you meditate, try to meditate in a sustained way, first of all sustain it.  Then you find that you are getting into the state of Samadhi, means at a state where you start feeling the joy and the bliss of God’s blessings, and then you start saying “O …


What do you have to surrender? A drop has to dissolve into the ocean to become the ocean. And a drop cannot be greater than the ocean, can it? So what is the surrendering? It is the surrendering of our conditionings, of our ego and the artificial barriers we have …


Politicians should be dedicated to the welfare of the people, but sometimes politics becomes like a game of chess, in which the sole aim is to stay on board as long as possible. “Meta Modern Era”