The best way to be with your spirit is to forgive.   1980 – Sept. 7, Advanced Program, London, England


There is no need to condemn yourself in any way, or to elate yourself, but just be your Spirit.  The best way to be with your Spirit is to forgive. 1980 – Sept 7, Chelsham Road, England


You must forgive everyone.  Now many would say that “We cannot forgive, it’s very difficult.”  But it’s a myth whether you forgive or don’t forgive.  What do you do?  You don’t do anything.  But when you don’t forgive, then you are playing into wrong hands.  That means you are torturing …


  Not to forgive is difficult, but to forgive is the best. At least when you forgive, there is no headache for you. 1991 – November 10, Cabella, Italy


So the love that hurts others, love that tortures others, the love that expects, is not love.  Love that just flows, just forgives, is just compassion, is the most enjoyable thing, radiant just like the sunshine. 1984 – April 22, London England