Unless and until you seek yourself you cannot seek God. 1977 – February 22, Delhi, India


  You might be anything.  You might be having any organization, you might be having any position in life, you might be any great personality, makes no difference to God.  What is important is that: are you seeking? 1983 – October 11, Boston, USA

Seekers Of Truth

When we say, we are the seekers of Truth, how truthful are we about this seeking?  This is one point we should try to understand.  Are we really, genuinely seeking?  Are we genuine about it, or we are doing it because it’s nice to say that we are seeking the …


What are we seeking?  We are seeking our second birth, our transformation.  We have to have our inner knowledge, we have to know ourselves and we have to grow into it, this is the value of your life. 1993 – October 5, Toronto, Canada

Absolute Truth

Sahaja Yoga is a system by which you jump into the Truth itself.  You become the Truth, you don’t see the Truth, you don’t understand the Truth, but you become the Truth.  It is most amazing thing that human beings don’t understand what to expect out of Truth.  They are …