Color Of The Spirit

The Spirit is like the ocean which has the light in it, and when this ocean pours into the little cup of our brain, the cup loses its identity and everything becomes spiritual, everything.  You can make everything spiritual, everything.  You touch anything, it is spiritual!  The sand becomes spiritual, the land becomes spiritual, atmosphere becomes spiritual, celestial bodies becomes spiritual.  Everything becomes spiritual.  So it is the ocean that is the Spirit, while your brain is limited.  So the detachment from your limited brain has to be brought in.  All limitations of brain should be broken so that when this ocean fills that brain it should break that little cup, and every bit of that cup should become colorful.  The whole atmosphere, everything, whatever you locate, should be colorful.  Color of the Spirit is the light of the Spirit and this light of the Spirit acts, works, thinks, coordinates, does everything.

1984 – February 29, Pandharpur, India