In The Center

The super-ego and ego represent your past and future.  A thought rises and falls off and another thought rises and falls off.  One is a past, one is a future.  Our mind jumps on the cusp of these thoughts.  We have to be in the center of these two thoughts, which is the present, we have to be.  But just by giving lectures and saying, “Now you be in the center”, you just don’t become.  By giving lectures or giving badges or starting organizations or having some sort of a postcard with you attached on your head, you don’t become that.  All honest seekers must know that this is all outside, it has nothing to do with inside . If you are true seekers and know that all these things are ego-pampering, and is very misleading.  It is to be understood in its right perspective, in the proper wisdom of a human being.

1982 – September 30, Vienna, Austria