Know Your Spirit

First of all, to know God you have to know your Spirit.  Without knowing your Spirit you cannot know God.  When you say that “Yes I know,” what is your I?  Who is this I?  Which part of you is this I which knows?  This I is not your Spirit.  It could be your conditioning or could be your ego.  Could be anything but it is not your Spirit.  When you know through Spirit, you know it as an actualization.  Within you lies this power, the dormant power, which is responsible for giving you your second birth.  Is the germinating power within you.  Like you have a connection for every instrument.  In the same way you have got this germinating power within you, which has to rise to connect you with that all pervading subtle power of God through your Spirit.  Once you feel that power within you, you can actually feel it in your central nervous system flowing from your fingers, from your hand, from your feet, from your being.  In the beginning you just feel it flowing from your hand.

1980 – August 14, Preston, UK