People talk of peace, “We should have peace” – how can you have peace?  It’s not possible, is an impossible situation.  You see we think by thinking, by organizing, by manipulating, we’ll have peace.  You cannot.  You cannot have peace that way.  How will you have peace?  When the peace is established on your attention.  When your attention is peaceful, when we are absolutely without any thoughts, then the peace resides . After all, the peace is disturbed by the human beings only, isn’t it?  It is not disturbed by something else, is disturbed by human beings and now if the human beings are not peaceful, how can you have peace by talks?  On the contrary when there are talks be sure that there will be some violent action after that. Always it happens because thought is incapable of keeping your attention in balance.

1984 – July 10, Cheswick, England