Become Like Lotuses

  So as you are, in whatever conditions you are, in whatever situations you are, whatever may be the surroundings, like a dirty mire full of creatures and filth, you can become like lotuses.  When you become like lotuses, all that is filth, all that is horrible can become fragrant.  …

Three Mantras

  In emotions you should be bubbling with joy.  Joy is your emotion.  In action you should be thoughtless and in ascent you should be surrendered. 1985 – Dec. 31, Ganapatipule, India


  Understand that wisdom is higher than intellect and discretion is higher than debating. 1983 – May 12, Hampstead, UK

It’s An Actualization

  To say that “We are all one”, that “We are brothers and sisters” and “One God has created us” – is good to give a lecture like that and many do that.   It’s just a big lecture.  To feel that you are one, something has to happen.  Your heart …

Truth is Love

Truth is in your sahasrara.  And when the truth comes in, you are surprised that truth is love and love is truth, pure love. 1994 – July 24, Cabella, Italy

The Time Has Come

  Either you lead a life which is luxurious on the material level or you lead a luxurious life of God’s blessings.  One of these two you have to choose, the time has come. 1982 – November 1, London, England