Second Birth

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The truth is there is a dormant residual power in the triangular bone Sacrum, called as the Kundalini.  She is a dormant inner energy for our evolution.  She has the power to bring forth the complete nourishment and adjustment of the disturbed genes.  Whether they are genetic, inherent or acquired.  When She is awakened, She changes the series of genes.  Not only that She corrects the gene’s data base but She breaks through the fontanelle bone area and connects the seeker to the all-pervading power of Divine Love.  She is also called as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, Ruh, Ritambhara, or Param Chaitanya.  Thus one, by this second birth, becomes a realised person as actualisation of Baptism takes place.  The light of the Spirit which is the reflection of God Almighty in our heart enters into our attention and enlightenment.  The seeker is really born again, not just a certificate but he changes as the transformation takes place within.  There is a vast difference between an ordinary seeker and a realised soul (Yogi).  He becomes his own master full of Divine Love.  It is a resurrection process, like an egg becoming the bird.

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