You will be amazed that it is simpler to be sincere than to be insincere.  Is the easiest thing is to be sincere than to be deceiving because you don’t have to think.  To be sincere you don’t have to think.  If you have to be insincere, you have to think, plan out and to find out methods, all the loopholes and escapes by which you have to run away.  If you have to be captive of your sincerity, you don’t have to worry about anything and then sincerity itself is rewarding.  This principle must be written down in your hearts, that sincerity itself is rewarding.  You don’t have to go to anybody else to ask for the reward of sincerity.  Sincerity itself rewards you and that is why you start enjoying your own sincerity.  If you start seeing all these things as a witness, how your sincerity has made you so beautiful, so dignified and how you have started rising in your self-esteem, you will be amazed how sincerity itself is a big force which will manifest its living dynamism in you and you will be a transformed person.

1980 – May 5, London UK