Our sense of discrimination, our sense of understanding, our wisdom is so developed, is so foolishly developed, I would say, that we always miss the Truth and grasp the untruth.  I don’t know how human beings can do it?  It’s difficult for animals to do but human beings just manage.  That’s all we have done so far in the history, if you see.  Such great incarnations came on this Earth.  What did we do out of their lives?  We crucified them, gave them poisons, we put them in the jails, we did whatever was possible out of them.  How many followed them, one or two?  But take Hitler now.  How many followed him?  Because we have a special identification with falsehood, not with Truth, we have lived with falsehood all our lives.  Moment to moment you’ll find we are doing like that.  In the name of money, in the name of power, in the war, they say, everything is fair, in the name of so-called love.  With all this, we expect to find the Truth?  Also we expect that Truth should fall at our feet?  So, to all the seekers of the Truth of this world, I request to know that if you are seeking the Truth, this time you don’t miss it.  It is a genuine, absolute, eternal, joy-giving, being within yourself. Yourself, within your heart it resides, is the Atma, is the Spirit within you.

1979 – July 16, London, England