Divine Power Of Love

The identity of yours is only established when you are one with the divine power of love and love is truth, and truth is compassion.  The compassion that acts that works is not just a compassion, but it acts. It cures people, it soothes them, it transforms them, it gives …


Without satisfaction, you cannot have compassion.  You have to be satisfied souls, then your compassion will act. 1996 – July 10, Vienna, Austria


People say divine is purity, divine is blissful, divine is compassion, divine is love.  It is described by many words, but I don’t think it can be described, it has to be experienced.  You can go on describing, writing books after books, stories after stories, poems after poems.  Divine is …


So the love that hurts others, love that tortures others, the love that expects, is not love.  Love that just flows, just forgives, is just compassion, is the most enjoyable thing, radiant just like the sunshine. 1984 – April 22, London England