You don’t have to have blind faith for anything.  Blind faith leads to fanaticism.  You shouldn’t have blind faith at all.  You have to experience, and after experiencing if you do not have faith, that means you are not honest. 1990 – March 15, Sydney, Australia


To be detached in no way means you do not feel the other person.  You do feel him.  You feel the agony of that person, the trouble of that person, of the whole society sometimes and of the whole country, but your feeling is so detached that the All-pervading Power …


  In the unspoilt state of innocent childhood, practically every human being has a natural and direct feeling for the existence of God Almighty.  But as time passes, this faith may be deflected and people start believing in other powers – political, economic or social. Meta Modern Era


  What we have to understand that we have to believe into things which can be proved.  Now the time has come that Divine itself has to be proved.  That God Almighty has to be proved.  That Christ as a son of God has to be proved, that His birth …


   If you develop a detachment, through thoughtless awareness, God will take over, He will do your work.  He will look after you.  You should have faith in God that is the main thing which people don’t understand what it means to have faith in God . That He is …


As you have faith in a candle, have faith that the Divine will give you the light, will guide your path, will take you to the right place to do the right things. 2002 – November 3, Lake Piru, California


You have to have complete faith in yourself and that your Self is nothing but innocence. 2001 – September 22, Cabella, Italy