Joy is not like happiness, unhappiness.  It is singular. 1996 – Sept. 24 – L.A ., USA


  Normally we will say we are happy or we are unhappy.  I have met some people who told Me, “Oh we went to that Guru we were very happy.” I said, “You could be happy in the pub also.  What is happiness?”  Happiness is not the way to judge …

Witness Of The Play

Sitting down here, you can feel the vibrations of any person.  The other day I said that Mozart was a born realized.  So they said, “How do we know?”  I said, “Just put your hands and think of Mozart”, and immediately tremendous vibrations start flowing.  When such realized souls play …


Joy is a singular experience.  Is not like happiness and unhappiness. 1994 – July 8, Geneva, Switzerland


Spirit is the source of peace.  It is the source of joy.  It is not a duality of happiness and unhappiness, but singular joy. 1990 – October 16, Bucharest, Romania

Joy Of Our Spirit

So far we have never known the joy of our spirit.  It is the spirit that enjoys itself, and when our attention becomes one with that spirit we also get that joy.  Normally we will say we are happy or we are unhappy.  I have met some people who told …