Witness Of The Play

Sitting down here, you can feel the vibrations of any person.  The other day I said that Mozart was a born realized.  So they said, “How do we know?”  I said, “Just put your hands and think of Mozart”, and immediately tremendous vibrations start flowing.  When such realized souls play any music or paint any paintings, for a realized personality it is the greatest source of joy – because you don’t think about it.  But the essence of the creator of that joy becomes one with yours.  You feel the bliss flowing in you.  And you enjoy it only for joy’s sake because Spirit is the joy within you.  Spirit is the joy, means it is neither happiness or unhappiness, but it is single thing, is joy.  Happiness comes when your ego is pampered, and unhappiness comes when your super-ego suffers.  You get out of the duality of these two and you become the joy, which is singular, which is because you become the witness of the play.   No more you are in it involved.  Supposing you are in the water, then you have the fear of the drowning, because you see the waves around . But supposing you get into the boat and are established; you are established in the boat then you enjoy the same waves.  That is the mastery you have to reach.

1982 – September 30, Vienna, Austria