Sahaja Yoga founder


One has to know that truth can be only known through your consciousness.  We can feel this thing as cold and hot through our central nervous system.  We see the color of this wall also through our nervous system.  Whatever we have achieved in our consciousness is in our central nervous system.  So factually we must understand, or rationally, that we cannot know the truth through our mental projections.  Like if you sit down here and start imagining that Vienna will be like this and like that, it may not be, it maybe.  That means, when there are two possibilities, it is not the truth.  Truth is when there are no other possibilities, but one that is what you feel it on your central nervous system.  Every honest person must know that if he is trying to evade the truth, he is evading himself, because truth is reality.  It is not imagination or just a mental projection.

1983 – September 4, Vienna, Austria