Blossom Time

Now the time has come; the blossom time has come for many people to get Realization.  They have to get it.  This is predicted, the time has come that you all have to get Realization. This is actually the last judgment.  But the last judgment is not going to start by the way people think it to be – like we will be put into these weighing pans and weighed.  It is not that way.  It is going to be through some sort of a happening within us and that happening is this Kundalini awakening.  When the Kundalini awakening takes place, we start judging ourselves, leave alone others.  We start judging ourselves, we start knowing ourselves.  Where are we?  What are we catching?  What is the problem?  Where, what is the centre catching?  And you start correcting yourself.

1980 – August 14, Preston, UK