Without Self-Realization what happens that reality is just a myth.  It’s only a mental projection with which you live.  You project your mind and you think this is reality. You can call anything as reality.  Any hallucination can be a reality, any theory can be a reality, any absurd ideas could be a reality.  I mean all religions have taken that form now, it’s very sad.  But all religions, which came from truth and from reality, are nothing but mental projections, and they’re very far away from reality.  You can only feel, understand and assimilate reality if you are a self-realized person.  Unless and until this Self has expressed itself or manifested within yourself, the light has come into you, how are you to manage?  Whatever you try is a mental projection. Like many people who came first, “Oh, we believe that we are born again.” All right, now how can you challenge it, if you believe into something?  “I believe” is the one of the great sentences we use.  But what is that I that believes?  That’s that ego.  That’s not your Self, because you have not yet felt the Self.  So to feel the Self is the most important thing if you have to know the reality.

1983 – May 12, Hampstead, UK