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Without the Realization, without the ascent of the Kundalini, you are not in touch with reality, with the All-Pervading power.  The All-Pervading power is everywhere in a very subtle way.  In a molecule it oscillates the different atoms in different ways.  In animals it pulsates.  In the plants it transforms into different shapes and different stages.  It classifies.  For example, a apple tree will give apple, and a rose will give rose.  All this sorting out is done by this very dynamic All-Pervading power of God’s Love.  But we take all these things for granted, because we do not feel it.  To feel it, one has to become subtler.  At this human level we are not subtle enough.  There has to be a breakthrough.  Unless and until we have that breakthrough, we cannot understand the relationship with the Absolute.  We live in a relative world all the time, and that is why there is a confusion.  Unless and until we find the Absolute, we cannot sort out this confusion, what is right and what is wrong.  And that Absolute is the Spirit within you, who at the time when we are human beings is just a witness of what we are doing. It witnesses the field of our work, but it does not in any way activate itself.

1982 – September 28, Vienna, Austria