Collectively Conscious

Sahaja Yoga founder - Shri Mataji


Supposing you say you believe that there is God. So what?  And if you say you don’t believe in God, so what?  How will you prove to your children that there is God?  Is there any way?  Have you found out that way?  Or are we going to continue with that faith: “Oh, I believe in God, you know and God helped me a lot. I remember once I remember God and I got ten pounds on the way.”  Such a ridiculous idea about God; it is very ridiculous.  What God is going to do for us is to make us the citizen of His Kingdom, of His Kingdom.  We enter into His Kingdom by the awakening of this Kundalini, and we become the spirit.  We become the light.  Now, all these are still words to you.  So what happens, that when you become the light, truthfully what should happen to you is that you should actualize the experience.  You should get it, not believe into what others are saying to you, but you must actualize the experience and see that you become collectively conscious.

1984 – August 1, Derby, England