Marriage is meant to give joy, is meant to give cheerfulness, happiness and all the blissful things that we can think of achieving through our combination with two human beings, we can say.  It’s a very close and private relationship which has to be respected.  It is not to be in any way dishonored or indiscreetly squandered away.  Those who cannot respect their partners in life will never be respected anywhere else.  Those who ill-treat or in any way try to spoil the image of their partners are harming themselves.   Try to understand each other, decorate each other, not correction, but decorating.  Like an ornament, when added to a personality decorates that person, in the same way, try to decorate another person.  So the decorum and decency of life comes from this auspicious relationship.  That must be maintained.

1981 – November 29, Hampstead, UK