One With The Whole

 This Spirit within you is one with the Whole, it keeps absolutely in harmony, unison, concord, with the Whole.  It is we, with our intelligence you may call it, or ego, or superego, whatever it is, we try to cheat it. It doesn’t like it, at all.  If you have to become that, if your attention has to get dissolved into that Spirit, then keep your attention pure.  Purity is the way you are going to get into it.  It is something between you and yourself.  It is something which is your own concern within yourself, it is for you to decide and to understand.  If you are getting vibrations in the hand, if the cool breeze is coming, if your Kundalini has touched the Sahasrara, maybe, it is the Grace itself is pouring into you.  But do not take it for granted.  You will not progress fast if you go that slow way. You can only progress if you go on drenching yourself in that Grace.

1979 – July 16, London, England