Universal Truth

The Truth has to be universal and has to be for all of them, whether they are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, atheist.  It has to be for every one of you.  So, you do not put it into compartments and strangle it, because then that is the end for your seeking.  That is the death of your seeking.  As I told you before, a tree has many flowers and it has beautiful, one, whole personality.  People take the flowers with them saying, “This is my flower. This is my flower.”  They remove it from the whole and the flowers become ugly and die out.  The sap of life moves in the tree all over, it does not stick on to one flower because it is one in unison with the power of God.

We, human beings, are separated, specially for the purpose of our independant development, but, in our wisdom we should be able to see all this around us and learn from it. There are so many thing which teach us that do not get into compartments. Does a tree say that ‘I belong to England’ or ‘I belong to India’? If it cannot prosper in one climate, it does not, that’s all.

1979, July 16, London, England