Divine Power of Love

This all-pervading divine power of love is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of bliss and compassion, but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. 1994 – July 19, Public Program Vienna, Austria

Attention On The Spirit

Now when you meditate, try to meditate in a sustained way, first of all sustain it.  Then you find that you are getting into the state of Samadhi, means at a state where you start feeling the joy and the bliss of God’s blessings, and then you start saying “O …


  Bliss can only come through gratitude, only through enlarging your heart with gratitude.  Bliss is the reward of gratitude – the gratitude which is not just wordly or just spoken lip service, but is from the heart – the gratitude of the heart. 1985 – February 7, Bordi, India


   It is only the Sahasrara has to grow, not the Spirit.  The more sensitive the Sahasrara is, the more it receives the spiritual qualities of the Spirit.  Actually the peace is felt in the Sahasrara.  The bliss is also felt in the Sahasrara because that is the brain and …


  Now the truth is that the Spirit is within you and you are the Spirit.  You are the beauty, the bliss and the joy of that Spirit.  That’s what you are . Because your attention is not there, that’s why you cannot feel your Spirit.  But your Spirit exists; …


Vanity kills bliss.  Ego kills bliss. 1985 – February 7, Bordi, India


Bliss can only come through gratitude.  Only through enlarging your heart with gratitude.  Bliss is the reward of gratitude. 1985 – February 7, Bordi, India