Fanaticism is such a blind stuff that it can never give you any idea as to what is reality.   Because whatever you believe into, you build up your own ideas and everything onto it and it’s like a fake palace built on a fake idea.  And then you go on …

Open Mind

As scientists you must keep your minds open.  There is no use having blind faith in Me, in Sahaja Yoga, in anything because blindness will never give you reality.  But you should be open like scientists are and whatever hypothesis I am putting before you, you have to feel it …

Light Of The Spirit

  Reality and truth are not products of rational or linear thinking.  They are derived from absolute wisdom as it manifests itself spontaneously, coming from the light of the Spirit. Meta Modern Era


  When you become thoughtless, then you can see, feel Reality. 1998 – July 5, Royal Albert Hall, UK


  What is important is that you should know reality. You should know exactly what is right and what is wrong. For that, as I told you, there is this great power of Kundalini within you.  She’s the one, she passes through all these centres, enlightens them first of all …


  The reality and truth is that you are the Spirit. 1982 – September 21, Brussels, Belgium


  The reality is that you are the spirit.  The rest is a myth. 1983 – September 10, Rome Italy