Thoughtless Awareness

How to do meditation, many people ask.  Don’t do anything, just go into thoughtless awareness.  Try to go to the thoughtless awareness.  If you can get into that condition of thoughtless awareness, you’ve done your job because that’s the point where you are with the truth, with the reality, with …


Present is the reality.  The past is finished, and the future doesn’t exist.  When the Kundalini rises She elongates those thoughts and establishes in the center where there is complete thoughtless awareness. And spiritually you grow in that thoughtless awareness which in Sanskrit we call as Nirvichaar Samadhi. 1994 – …

Thoughtless Awareness

So thoughtless awareness is the first beautiful state you have to achieve.  That will give you peace and a witness state to enjoy the drama of life, to enjoy the different varieties of people, while you will be growing within yourself. 1994 – July 24, Cabella Italy

Beyond The Mind

  The mind creates all the problems for an individual or for the collective.  One has to go beyond the mind into thoughtless awareness, where there is peace. Meta Modern Era

Free Bird

  You become a completely a free bird, absolutely a free bird, and then it becomes your job to achieve your flight.  One flight is up to the thoughtless awareness.  The second one is up to the doubtless awareness and the third one is to God’s realization. 1996 – March …


Meditation is the only way you can grow.  There’s no other way out.  Because when you meditate you are in silence, you are in thoughtless awareness.  Then the growth of awareness takes place. 1988 – July 27, New York, USA