Shri Mataji - Sahaja Yoga founder


Awareness has to become Paramchaitanya.  Then you get all the ideas, everything, that are divine.  But not only that but also the help of the divine.  All the solutions of the divine.  It’s something amazing and everything quietens down, everything settles down, and you are amazed watching all this that you are the center of doing all these things.  You are not aware that you are doing, and you are there.  That ego part is missing, but you see it’s all happening around, you and then you are amazed how it is happening.  The whole life style changes, the whole understanding changes, and you become a great source of happiness, joy and knowledge to others.  You don’t have to study anything.  You don’t have to know much, but you will know about everything, what is right and what is wrong.  And then only you can tell the things with complete authority, that ‘This is not right’.

1999 – May 9, Cabella, Italy