I bow to all the seekers of truth.  At the very outset, I’ve always said that truth is what it is.  Without knowing the absolute truth, there cannot be peace on this earth, there cannot be satisfaction, there cannot be happiness and there cannot be joy.  We do not know the absolute truth.  Whatever we know, we know through our mind.  And mind is a myth created by us. This myth is created by our conditionings and our ego.  And once this mind is built just like we have a computer, made by ourselves, we start depending on it. But mind can never give you reality.  One has to go beyond the mind.  Unless and until you go beyond the mind, you can not know the truth.  Now what is the truth?  The truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this ego but you are the pure Spirit.  Another truth is, as you see here beautiful flowers created by Mother Earth, we take them for granted.  But it’s a miracle. We do not even think that it’s a miracle. Who does all  this  miraculous living things, living works?  So I have to tell you there is a all-pervading Power of Divine Love.  And this Divine Love does all the living work.  We have also evolved to this human stage by this Divine Love.  We have never felt the power of this Divine Love.  It’s an energy, very subtle that works out all this living work we are talking about.  Now we have to understand that all the chaos of the world, all the problems of the world and of individual human beings come to us through our ignorance, ignorance of reality.

1996 – July 1, Bucharest, Romania, public program